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Born from the popular international idea of the ‘Poetry Brothel’, we* collectively developed this into the concept of the poetry speakeasy- where immersive theatre meets spoken word (in a less annoying way than that sounds). If, in a parallel universe, poetry was prohibited (after its distinctly unpatriotic turn in world war 1), what would that look like? 

"After the poetry prohibition began, any admirers of the form would have to huddle together in illicit dens- clandestine clubs that operated via hidden entrances, coded knocks and secret passwords. Once inside, the jazz swung, and the drinks and words flowed freely…”  

*'We' being a wonderful group of writers and performers including Amy Acre, Rachael Black, Keith Jarrett, Jack Rooke, Dan Simpson, Paula Varjack... and moi! Though it only had two outings, in deepest Vauxhall, Madam Scarlet's was a beautiful moment in time and rhyme. It would make a great immersive tent at a festival- if you're interested, drop me a line! 

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