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So what is Wonkyoke?


Well, imagine if the popular pastime of karaoke took a tumble through a dressing up box, did a forwards roll whilst glitter bombs exploded in the background, took a detour through a movie set, shoved marshmallows in its mouth, emerged from a cloud of dry ice, and... you still wouldn't even be close.

You can come as a contestant, waiting for your chance to spin the wheel and see what wonky delights await you. (Will it be the marshmallow ballad challenge? The bargain bin? Where will the wheel stop?)

Or just come to spectate, sing along from the sidelines and be part of the most raucous, ridiculous karaoke night that's ever been!

Dreamt up by me, but brought to life with the help of the amazing Becca Horn (my co-host, the Tina to my Reena); Mike Bradley (aka Mixmaster Mike, the KJ on the wheels of steel) and Tain Joliffe (our star performer).

The next one will be coming soon- watch this space! For some sneaky snaps see below & make sure you're following on instagram... 

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