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Shakespeare: From Page to Stage

This can be an introduction to Shakespeare for key stage 2 or year 7 pupils, bringing Shakespeare to life and giving students confidence, a feeling of ownership over the language and most importantly, a deep enjoyment of Shakespeare’s plays!

Poetry workshops 


Writing & Poetry workshops 


Flexible, creative and inclusive workshops including:

  • Poetry workshops (writing, structuring, shaping, editing and performing)

  • Playwriting workshops (devising, dialogue, characterization, storytelling, structure)

Writing on a theme (for drop down days, theme days/weeks etc)

Stand-alone workshops for key stages 2 and 3, including:

  • Poetry and Number: a fun workshop exploring number meanings using personification, metaphor and exploring imagery and abstraction.

  • Where I’m From: Poetry of place and culture- especially good for cultural diversity days, and with students struggling with confidence and voice.

Drama workshops 


A huge range of skills-based workshops, including:

  • Voice, Movement

  • Approaches to script

  • Practitioners (Stanislavski, Brecht, Artaud, Brook)

  • Rehearsal Technique

  • Genre and Theatre History  (Adapted for Level 2 BTEC or AS Theatre Studies)

Project-based learning

I can offer longer-term projects as an artist in residence. This work will be student-centred (with students taking on specific roles throughout the project), collaborative, creative work with a distinct end goal (eg the creation of a radio soap opera)

As an artist in residence I could work on any number of projects, depending on need and time.

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